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About The Heliport
The Downtown Manhattan Heliport is one of the most advanced heliports in the industry and provides the ultimate in user comfort and convenience. The DMH, located at the foot of Wall Street on the East River is just minutes away from Kennedy, Newark Liberty, LaGuardia and Teterboro Airports, making it convenient for busy executives, leisure travelers and sightseers who want to experience the sweeping views of the New York and New Jersey skyline from high above.

The Heliport's modern terminal houses administrative offices, an operations control center, a pilot lounge, courier operations, a VIP lounge and a passenger waiting area that boasts first-class airport amenities. Click here for more information on the FACILITIES.

The heliport continues to exemplify the Saker Aviation's commitment to provide first-class service to our customers. The heliport also provides critical transportation of valuable documents for the world's most prestigious multinational corporations, financial investment and banking institutions, trading organizations and legal firms in the heart of lower Manhattan's financial district.

Continuing the Downtown Manhattan Heliport's reputation for innovation and commitment to customer service, the heliport is open for sightseeing activities on Saturdays, and a host of additional improvements are on the horizon to make this facility better than ever. We continue to look at ways to enhance the service we provide to the diverse set of customers who use our facility.

You can catch a view of this beautiful facility in countless movies filmed in New York City. When the action calls for a helicopter take-off or landing, it's usually at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport.

DMH History
The Downtown Manhattan Heliport continues to exemplify our commitment to provide first-class service to our customers since its inception on December 8, 1960. The first of its kind in many ways, the DMH was the first heliport in the United States to be certified for scheduled passenger helicopter service by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Currently, the Heliport remains the only heliport Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 139 certified in the country. This certification requires the heliport to meet or exceed numerous safety standards established by the FAA. It is also the first public heliport with a semi-automatic fire protection foam system and the first to use a barge for aircraft parking.




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